Higher-quality documents in less time

Transform the way documents are produced and information is shared. Combine multiple different source file types into one cohesive document with great speed, and incredible ease. With our solutions, you can more consistently complete projects to meet your deadlines.

• Improve paper-to-electronic workflow

With Cronic Tech solutions, any user can quickly and easily capture and transfer hard-copy documents into MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on their PC, then get back to work without losing momentum.

• Prevent common print frustrations

Our solutions enable our client to much more easily find an alternative option when faced with a print challenge. For example, you can have print jobs automatically re-routed to available printers. Also, automatic email notifications can be set to alert IT administrators to device errors enable more proactive maintenance. Help your entire staff more easily navigate common print problems with Cronic Tech.

Cronic Tech Ltd. has provided Canadian businesses with preimum office supplies. From printers and copiers to projectors and laminating machines to filing folders, binders and report covers, we offer office supplies for business at affordable prices. We help you create a tailored, cost-controlled portfolio of reliable everyday office supplies for business, and ask about our broader assortment of specialized high-performance solutions.


​Increase speed and help reduce costs for your business, no matter the scale.

​Personal Copiers

Simple and dependable copying with portable convenience. Whether at your office or at home, rest - assured you will get the copies  you need from a machine that gives you convenient features, portability and dependable performance. 

Multifunction Copiers

This will provide a winning advantage to small and home offices with reliability and ease of use. Provides exceptional image quality and durability.


The portable high-resolution projectors provides the perfect blend of illumination and optical excellence into a compact, easy-to-use package suitable for a variety of environments including corporate board rooms, conference rooms and classrooms.


Instant Cost Saving for Your Business!

Regular priced cartridges can easily cost you a couple hundred dollars when you are out of them. INK TANK will relive you from that burden forever at a cost that is less than the cost of ONE regular cartridge.

We provide CISS Printers for rental and/or purchase at the lowest price in the market. Our products will make you richer by saving you over 90% on printing costs.


CISS Ready Printer fills up its ink cartridges continuously from external ink reserve tanks which contain 20 or 40 times amount of inks than regular cartridges. INK TANK provides international HQ inks at the lowest price in the market so you would not have to worry about neither printing quality nor the cost of refilling.

Maintenance Cost Comparison

The cost saving  rate is based on 5,000 pages of prints with HP OfficeJet 8100