Regular priced cartridges can easily cost you a couple hundred dollars when you are out of them. INK TANK will relive you from that burden forever at a cost that is less than the cost of ONE regular cartridge

We provide CISS Printers for rental and/or purchase at the lowest price in the market. Our products will make you richer by saving you over 90% on printing costs.


CISS Ready Printer fills up its ink cartridges continuously from external ink reserve tanks which contain 20 or 40 times amount of inks than regular cartridges. INK TANK provides international HQ inks at the lowest price in the market so you would not have to worry about neither printing quality nor the cost of refilling.

Ink Tank Is Guaranteed To Perform To Your Satisfaction! 

Maintenance Cost Comparison

The Cost Saving  Rate Is Based On 5,000 Pages Of Prints With HP OfficeJet Pro 8100

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Instant Cost Saving for Your Business!


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